Client Need: Businesses need ongoing support in employee engagement. Understanding and implementing modern strategies of learning is vital to their success. 

Tips to get you started: 

Research shows that engagement in learning and development is vital to employee morale, productivity, and retention. In a world where everyone and everything is vying for our attention, how do we do this?

Welcome Gamification

When discussing adult learning, gamification is an engagement strategy referring to different ways we can create intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. Human psychology plays a huge role in this idea! When done well, gamification can engage learners and help to instill autonomy, value, and competence in their roles.

So, what does this mean? If you gamify training content, goals, and change management projects you can grab a person’s attention and prioritize vital organizational goals! Below are a few ideas to get your business started in harnessing the power of gamification.

-> Leaderboards and Friendly Competition: Challenge teams and professional learning communities to complete goals and tasks. Friendly competition drives motivation, adds to team camaraderie, and ultimately drives continued learning and growth.

-> Progress Bars & Learning Maps: In eLearning, progress bars and maps are a simple solution to keep learners on track and in the know. Visually appealing progress bars can keep employees focused on their goals.

-> Simulations: Immersive learning experiences (simulations) merge technical training and gamification to explore real world scenarios. These hands on experiences are great for learning and improving skills.

-> Incentivizing Learning and Business Goals: Establish goals and help employees to achieve those goals through virtual and real-life rewards. Awards, vouchers, charitable contributions, flextime.... the possibilities are endless!

-> Knowledge Sharing: Create chat boards for colleagues' to ask and answer questions. This promotes collaboration, teamwork, and acknowledges that every employee brings unique value to the organization!